Archive: Character Animation & Storyboarding

The portfolio is only online for nostalgic reasons. Now that I'm back to my passion, writing, I rarely work as an animator or storyboarder. If you are interested to know what I am working on, feel free to contact me.



2017 JASON AND THE NUCLEONAUTS – studioNICE, Marco Rosenberg (voice)
2016-2019 RISE OF LEGIONS – broken games
2016 VW IMAGE FILM – studioNICE
2013-2014 TABALUGA UND DIE ZEICHEN DER ZEIT – studioNICE, frogfish, content dome
2015 IM FREIEN FALL – studioNICE
2015-2016 RIPOSTE – damajo games
2014-2015 TRACES OF MY BROTHER – studioNICE
2017 ROYAL REVOLT 2 – airborn, keenflare/flaregames
2014 SAY IT WITH ZOOBE – zoobe
2018 TANTRA RUMBLE TRAILER – studioNICE, Studio Didalí


Funk Groove Rock – LuLu Production